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A girl had been in a number of foster homes and had a very negative outlook  on her life. Her CASA, who had worked with children for years, was able to bring positive influences into the girls' life. The girl has since graduated from Roane State Community College..


Two children, passing through Tennessee with their parent, were removed when the parent’s neglect endangered their safety. The parent then disappeared, and the children were placed with a caretaker who had no kinship ties to the children. On investigation, the CASA volunteer found a stepparent in the home state who had previously had custody of the children and currently had full custody of their half-sibling. With no one else to facilitate an investigation of the stepparent, the CASA volunteer did the investigation, including a flight to the home state for a surprise drop-in on the stepparent and face-to-face meetings with local officials. Armed with this evidence, the judge was able to send the children home in time for Christmas.


Grandparents sought custody of three very young children. The parents objected, but would not meet the requirements of the court designed to correct the problems that brought these children to the court's attention. Because CASA was involved in this case, the court was able to stay informed of the parents' progress (or lack thereof). Eventually, the parents agreed to allow the grandparents to adopt the children.


Abuse and neglect brought a 4 month old infant into foster care. Two years later the child remained in the family court with custody challenges between the child's biological family and the couple approved for adoption. The Judge appointed a CASA volunteer to the case. A trial ensued and the less than truthful testimony of family members put the adoption in jeopardy. The CASA volunteer was placed on the stand to testify. The adoption was approved and the child permanently removed from the family responsible for its abuse and neglect. Following the trial, an attorney told the CASA that the case would have been lost without the CASA report and testimony. This child remains in a safe, secure home - away from abuse and neglect because of the work of the CASA volunteer.

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Positive Influence on Teenager
Safe from Harm with Caring Relatives
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Infant Placed in Loving Home after Abuse and Neglect.

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